What kind of flooring work do you perform?

We are a full service hardwood flooring contractor that handles every phase of your project: the interior design consultation to choose the right hardwood floor for your home, supplying the wood flooring materials, and performing the installation, sanding and finishing.  We also handle the required prep work when necessary: subfloor repairs, floor leveling, removal of carpet, tile, baseboard trim, etc.  We work with all types of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered, site-finished and pre-finished.  We install solid wood treads and risers on staircases. We do not install carpet or tile.

What do you charge for installing or refinishing hardwood floors?

Every job is different so we have no set rate for labor and materials. Once we measure and evaluate your job in your home, we will e-mail you an estimate based on the time and materials it takes to get the job done right.

Who performs the work?

All work is performed by employees of Berlin Flooring.  All employees are covered by worker’s compensation and liability insurance.  Our employees are certified in the Lagler Premium Sanding Technology (PST) methods.


Do you move furniture?

No, we do not move furniture.  Contact Klatt Moving & Storage: 303-449-1960.  Chris Klatt and his crews always do an excellent job for our customers.

Do you need a deposit before the job begins?

Yes, we require a signed copy of the estimate and a 50% deposit before the job begins.  The balance is due within 30 days after the job is completed.  We accept checks and all credit cards.  There is no fee for using a credit card and no discount for cash payments.

Do I need to be out of the house at any time?

Yes, you will need to be out of the house while the floor finish is applied because you can’t walk on the floors or breathe in finish fumes while the finish is drying.  For most jobs this is generally two nights.  Expect noise during the day from the installation and sanding equipment.

When can I walk on the floors and replace furniture?

You can walk on the floors the day after we complete your job.  Wait a minimum of 48 hours for furniture and 7-14 days for large area rugs.